Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Bwana Spoons--AS Card #6

The 6th Artist Series card by Bwana Spoons is finished! It looks amazing. This card harkens back to the very first artist card we did with Ron Regé, Jr., with it’s wild imagery and full coverage. But the art for this one takes it one step further and covers the front and back!! Another thing we added was a printed envelope with a blind-debossed image of Steven on the front.

Artist Series card #6 from Bwana Spoons!!
Bwana Spoons was raised in the woods. He likes moss and Lego and monsters. He likes making zines and comics and paintings and silk-screened prints and smashing tile and making things with rainbows and animals. Over the years he has worked on and/or created several zines and comics. Bwana is currently working on his new “My Peeples” toy project. The first- “Steven the Bat” to be released in the fall by Super 7. He's also finishing up the third issue of the new arts zine “Pencil Fight”, doing tile and room treatments for homes in SF and Portland, working on his comic “Welcome To Forest Island”, curating the traveling show Plushtastrophe, and continuing to show his paintings.
His illustration work clientele includes Nike 6.0, Hewlett Packard, Nickelodeon, Top Shelf, The Stranger, Dogtown, Hessenmob, Imaginasian TV, Laika, Monsieur T, Buster Design, WK, Uno Caol, Vans, and others.
Steven the Bat is printed in blue foil on French Paper Speckletone Starch Mint 100 lb. cover stock, and comes with speckly ice blue envelopes blind-debossed with a small image of Steven.