Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Whole Gang

A picture of all the reprints together.


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Happy x5 Birthday

Last of the reprints. Old colorway: chocolate/sky blue. New colorway: lavender/purple.


Happy Birthday...

New and old colorways. Violet/orange; blossom/brown.


Many Thanks

Old and new colorways. Aqua/red; beet/lavender.


Hot Off The Press!!!

How true that statement is in a case like this. We just got back the reprints of our long sold-out and most popular cards, the mulitilingual "many thanks," and "happy birthday," and, "happy happy happy happy happy birthday." We decided to change things up a bit and print each card in one old colorway and one new one. Pictured above is the new colorway for "many thanks," done in lavender foil on beet paper, with a lavender v-fold envelope. We kept the very popular cool aqua paper with red foil for the old colorway. More pictures will be posted of the reprints as they become available.
We have also decided to offer new ordering options. These cards may be ordered as singles ($3.50, postage included) or in 5-card packs ($12.50/pack). The new product pages and ordering info should be up on the site soon. We will update the blog once the pages are ready.