Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Paper Presston

We asked the incredibly talented, and super cool, Matthew Hawkins if he could create a paper toy version of our logo Presston. We knew it would be challenging because of the curves of the original illustration, and the fact that he's a little top heavy (we prefer "big boned"). But Matt did an amazing job. Check out his other creations on his website: Custom Paper Toys and his flicker page.
We will be offering the template up for those that want to build one, as well as a blank version, for you artistic types. Just gotta figure out how to offer them as downloads. :) And we may be printing some out to include in future orders (not letterpress printed though).

Update! Here are some downloadable files via Mediafire. This is a free hosting site, so you may get hit with pop-up ads.
And Matt suggests a matte finish photo paper, about 80 lb. stock or less (too thick and it will be too hard to fold).
Download artwork.
Download directions.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Countdown to Number 25

In preparation for the pending release of our 25th Artist Series Card, Letter Pressed will be offering up copies of some of the very first cards. From the beginning, LP has put aside about 25 of each AS Card to sell at a later time. Although some mishaps depleted our overage of the first four cards (yes, sadly Joe Ledbetter’s card included) we are selling 10-25 of each card starting with Nathan J.'s (#5) and ending with Abe Lincoln, Jr.’s (#14). They will be sold as single cards, most for $7.50/card. These are from the original runs (we never make reprints) and are unsigned.
The remaining copies will stay in our files for now, and most likely never be sold this way again. So this could be your last chance to own these early cards.
We will release cards #15 through #20 (and upwards) at a later time.

Nathan J.--AS Card #5--Limited to 750 hand-numbered cards.

Bwana Spoons--AS Card #6--Limited to 1,000 hand-numbered cards.

Candykiller--AS Card #7--Limited to 500 hand-numbered cards.

Jermaine Rogers--AS Card #8--Limited to 1,000 hand-numbered cards.

Kathie Olivas--AS Card #9--Limited to 500 machine-numbered cards.

Brandt Peters--AS Card #10--Limited to 500 machine-numbered cards.

Brendan Monroe--AS Card #11--Limited to 500 machine-numbered cards.

Jon Burgerman--AS Card #12--Limited to 500 machine-numbered cards.

Jeremiah Ketner--AS Card #13--Limited to 500 machine-numbered cards.

Abe Lincoln, Jr.--AS Card #14--Limited to 500 hand-numbered cards.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Michael Slack--TCS #2

Trading Card Series #2 by Michael Slack is finally available. Second in our ongoing mini-print series, which is free with any order of $30 or more, or available to purchase for $5.00. Five cards per pack.
Visit the Artist Series store for purchase info.