Monday, October 24, 2005

MCA/Evil Design--AS Card #3

Item description:

Letter Pressed’s third Artist Series Card by MCA of Evil Design. Is this lovable Ape sending a warm and fuzzy message of love to the intended? Or is he serenading them with a classic punk song from the Dickies? Couldn't it be both?
In either case this cute little guy will make anyone you send it to smile.
These days, MCA has been busy participating in gallery shows in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. However, he’s most excited about his latest undertaking: Teaming up with Toy2R, he’s designed over 30 Qee figures that are due out in 2005 as well as an original figure based on the Evil Ape. Among the many publications that have featured articles about and/or artwork by MCA recently are Vice (NYC), Animal Magazine (NYC), The Weekly Dig (Boston), WAD (France), Lodown (Germany), Grind (Toronto), Pixel Mag (Australia) & Playtimes (Singapore).
Limited to 500 hand numbered cards.
You Drive Me Ape, printed appropriately enough in brown foil on 100 lb. French Kraft paper, with French Chocolate Brown envelopes.

Find this card here:

Designer Toy Box



Anonymous JAR said...

Somehow - maybe the colors? - this card reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite. Gosh....

7:42 PM  

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