Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Presston Plush Part IV

Third Step--(Nearly) Finished Prototypes

Three have been stuffed so far, one by my mom (far right) and two by me. I think hers looks the best. I overstuffed mine and it tends to deform them a bit too much. Below are two more dudes waiting to be stuffed. We tried one on a tan fabric and I ain't diggin' it too much.
What's shown here are our first efforts. We experimented with the sewing and stuffing to see what worked best. A larger border made stuffing easier, and as mentioned it appears that less stuffing is better than more.

Because of Presston's shape, the severe curves and sharp angles, it is pretty near impossible to follow his exact lines. At least when doing it by hand. I'm sure this is possible with a fully manufactured plush, but that costs mucho $$$.
I am starting to think that ditching the legs might make things easier as well as a little more pleasing to the eye. Would also allow us to add a bit more bulk to the figure.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, Markie. Keep his legs. It's a piece that makes the whole.

8:52 PM  

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