Thursday, January 18, 2007

Presston Plush Part V

Fourth Step--Testing Materials

Have been shopping around for different materials to make and stuff Presston with. I found a better fabric (I hope) that is a little more of an off-white and has some stretch to it. The pure white of the fabric I used for the protos didn't quite look right to me.
Also tried out a couple stuffing options. Poly-fil® (a soft polyester fiberfill) is a standard for plush figures, but there are also Poly-Pellets®, little clear balls that are often used in stuffed figures to add weight to certain parts, ala Beanie Babies. It was easy to use, and filled the figure out nicely, but it required using much more volume-wise than the fiber stuffing. Also, those little buggers tend to get away from a person, and that could be messy (and bad news with a cat around!). Since Presston is a bit hydrocephalic (and has a skinny neck to boot) the head was all floppy. I then tried a combination of the two, with the head and neck filled with Poly-fil®, and the body filled with the pellets. Worked nicely, but the pellets didn't offer a better look or add enough weight to make it worthwhile. We'll be sticking with Poly-fil® for the stuffing material.
Real production is slated to start in the next week or two. Keep checking the blog!!



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