Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Presston Plush Part VI

Fifth Step--Manufacturing

The prototypes are done, we worked out some kinks and have them figured out for production. Actual production is going to be a bit different, instead of printing first and then cutting out the panels, we have cut out blank panels first which will then be printed. Bought six or so yards of the new fabric (mentioned in the previous post) and took them to a factory here in Fresno. This is the fabric all laid out, and off to the side is my friend Wade who helped with this part of the process.

We folded the fabric in half and then back upon itself about 8 or 9 times. Wade traced the template on the fabric and these two nice guys cut it out with this massive fabric blade. What they did in 15 minutes would have taken me about 25 hand-cramping hours (at least).

A stack of cut panels:

L to R: The first template, which was simply printed from a computer file, a stack of panels, and the template Wade used to trace them out:

A fat stack of panels just waiting to be printed, sewn and stuffed. Can't wait till I get to start stuffing these things!! @_@

Since we have already shown the printing process, and many of the other steps, the next update will most likely be the Pre-Order information. Presston Plush will be available via pre-order very soon. Keep your eyes peeled!



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